Decontamination and disinfection tanks

The philosophy of NOVA Apolimantiki is the continuous investment in new technologies and services, friendly man and the environment, with the least possible use of chemicals

Microbial decontamination

With special formulations, approved by the Food and Drug Administration , We are able to fight any pathogen, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.

The product is odorless, colorless and leave no residue on surfaces or areas.

-The Feeling that remains after application is feeling clean and healthy environment (freshness).

-Microbicidal we use, activated by the cell membrane (having acidic PH) of microorganisms, the cleaving with oxidizing action and thus destroys the microorganism.

Decontamination Tanks

With specialized machines and specially harmless to health formulations, all approved by the EOF. , clean and disinfect tanks in homes and businesses.

The system operates as follows :

Drain the water already in the tank, with a motor way.

Then individual workshop, tucked into the tank with wear and manually clean all the walls and the floor of the tank cleaner, friendly to the environment and human.

After this process, the tank is in a situation similar to the currently delivered from the manufacturer.

Then a special fogger machine will become microbial disinfection with special germicidal disinfectant approved by the EMEA for use even in drinking water.