Relief from woodworm

The wood-boring insects are everywhere and many times live in competition with man. They eat the furniture, destroying roofs, scavenge the wood carpenter and wood floors. In other words, often are harmful insects to humans.

  1. They live and grow on wood, wooden floors, furniture and ceilings
  2. Can feed even with clothes, cardboard boxes and books
  3. In their wake they leave a distinctive white powder and small holes on the wooden surfaces
  4. An adult woodworm matures and mates within 35 days
  5. The damage can be slow to manifest
  6. There are preparations that can protect your wood before the invasion
  7. Houses near pine forests and with wooden roofs are most at risk

How to get rid

To protect your wooden surfaces the NOVA Apolimantiki has a new weapon:Serpol Gel

Wood preservative to protect against woodworm insects and fungi for therapeutic and preventive use.

  • Excellent penetration into the wood
  • Time applications in one minute
  • No drips
  • It will not stain
  • Is not volatile
  • Painted, sprayed, injected
  • Does not change the appearance of the wood
  • Does not affect plastic and metals
  • Not flammable

The special Serpol Gel controls and protects the woodwork from woodworm insects and fungi, because it contains two active substances the insecticide Permethrin-and Propiconazole-fungicide. It has great flexibility in application and excellent usability because it easily and quickly absorbed by the wood..

Does not release harmful substances into the environment. It’s very low toxicity and odorless.