Flea Control

A common problem for homes particularly when there pets!.


Biting fleas are so annoying, as it causes intense itching, but also dangerous because these animals are intermediate hosts for many parasites. This may facilitate the spread of epidemics. For the prevention of fleas often become superstitious cleaning houses, because the bugs lay their eggs in dark and dusty places.

  • Place the beds pets away from carpets and mattresses
  • Beware of babies when they play on the floor because at greater risk sting
  • Visit your vet to tell you how to protect your pet
  • The flea bite is painless but very itchy and redness in skin
  • Cocoons flea can lay dormant for two years or more and wake up from the steps vibrations

We all love pets

But when they are inside the home, the care required is daily, for better living for all of us. Ensure their deforestation!

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How to Get Rid of Fleas

Special consideration should be give to carpets and bed where your pets sleep. Make daily cleaning careful not scatter their eggs and fleas in the house. If the problem is severe, call the qualified staff of Nova Apolimantiki the 2810-321700 for professional dealing with the problem.