Bio-clean mattresses

Want to help yourself in the treatment of allergies, bronchitis, dermatitis, rhinitis, asthma, tiredness and irritation of the skin, nose and eyes?

It is medically proven that all these micro-organisms which are invisible to the eye and placed in the air, nesting layers are responsible for the induction or exacerbation of respiratory diseases generally, allergies and several skin diseases.

The Problem

  • Think daily we pass 6-9 hours in bed
  • In our mattress and our pillow grown to 16 fungal species
  • Based on modern hygienic methods have made measurements of microorganisms that live in our bed (mites, fungi, etc.). In the first month of use is at least 5000
  • Within four months are over50.000
  • In a year more than 2,5 million
  • After five years of use developed 5 by 15 thousands of mites per square centimeter
  • The mites are responsible for most allergies

What do we gain

The bio-cleaning

of mattresses has just this purpose
To create the right environment for a healthy, pleasant and restful sleep which helps us to be cheerful, healthy and extend the limit of our lives.

The process

  • Assay pollutant microbial load layer before the cleaning,
    a specific procedure for collecting a sample from your mattress to determine the pollution from the inside
  • Application Remediation, with UV-C ultraviolet light to reduce bacterial loads
  • Bio-Pure, with special filters Micron Magic which do not recycle the dust and not transfected

We bring the sun into your home !!!!!

From grandmothers and mothers we know the miraculous capacity of solar radiation (sun-dried bedding and clothing in general) that neutralizes all harmful microorganisms.

In the same way it works and the device of ultraviolet radiation substituting sunlight without the use of chemicals Green Deconamintation and most importantly slows the growth and recurrence of harmful microorganisms for long enough to create the correct and clean environment for our most basic daily operation … sleep.