Bedbugs fighting

A common problem for homes especially when pets there are!

Fight bugs

The bugs are small in size parasites. Many homes have the problem of bedbugs as hiding successfully in mattresses, bed frames, blankets, furniture, carpets etc. You can easily check if you have bed bugs because their droppings leave brown and black stains on your sheets and blankets.

The bug is a parasite who knows how to hide very well and we at NOVA Apolimantiki have trained crews and a free inspection will analyze the ways and methods to get rid of this annoying and harmful parasite.

The NOVA Apolimantiki usually controlled ask the bedroom of the house and then we search and check the furniture for more signs or traces of bedbugs.

  • Alive or dead bugs
  • Skins by changing of skin
  • Signs of their faeces
  • Eggs fertilized in walls, holes and cracks

How to get rid of bedbugs

Fill out the form for a free estimate from NOVA Apolimantiki if after inspection we find yourself exposed to bed bugs then the partner of NOVA Apolimantiki will present a control program based on your own preferences and characterized.

If the problem is severe, call specialized personnel of Nova disinfectant in 2810-321700 for professional dealing with the problem


We all love the pets

But when they are inside the home, the care required is daily, for better living for all of us. Keep it clean of pests!

Όλοι μας αγαπάμε τα κατοικίδια Όλοι μας αγαπάμε τα κατοικίδια Όλοι μας αγαπάμε τα κατοικίδια